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    SolubleBioScience giving private-sector a boost to San Antonio drug development research
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    SolubleBioScience - Optimizing Protein Formulations

    We provide services, instrumentation and consumable kits to industry that improve the solubility and stability profile of pharmaceutical formulations thus opening the gateway to the most effective treatment pathways. Our technology can save pharma up to one year in determining the optimal solution equaling a significant costs savings in the drug development cost framework.

    Advancing Formulation Development Using our HSCTM Technology

    Many proteins are not very soluble or stable, especially at the high concentrations often needed for research, therapeutics, vaccines, scientific reagents, and other applications. Keeping protein therapeutics soluble and stable, until they are ready to be used, is a difficult challenge faced by industry.

    These drugs often display unwanted aggregation during purification and formulation optimization which can lead to changes in protein activity and a higher immunogenicity risk potential that formulation teams must address as early as possible.  SolubleBioScience provides a service that supports the pharmaceutical industry’s need for early assessments while reducing time and saving money associated with this task.

    Formulation Screening Services for Industry

    We provide our clients with a list of top optimized solutions that improve the solubility and stability of the pharmaceutical formulation using less time, less material and with less expense than traditional methods by using our proprietary HSC technology.

    Early Assessment Kits for Researchers - Our Products Available for Purchase

    Our line of products provide researchers with a simple and cost efficient way to make earlier evaluations on the solubility and stability profiles on their protein of interest.

    Protein Solubility Screening Kit

    This kit is best when aggregation is a known problem.

    Protein Aggregate Solubilization Kit

    This kit is best when your sample is already aggregated.

    Protein Thermal Stability Kit

    This kit is best when stability is a known problem.

    The SolubleBioScience Kits – How to Order

    OptiSol Protein Solubility
    Screening Kits

    $269.00 - $749.00

    OptiResc Protein Aggregate Solubilization Kit

    $279.00 - $789.00

    OptiTherm Protein Thermal
    Stability Kit

    $249.00 - $710.00

    Some of our clients include