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    The Formulation Screen

    The Formulation Screen has been designed to use the data generated during the Initial and Discovery Screen to train a predictive algorithm. This program can be trained to predict thousands of formulations and rank them in the order of optimal protein solubility. We then select the top candidates for optimal formulations utilizing the data generated.

    The Formulation Screen is the final and most comprehensive screen designed to rank order the top formulations for optimal solubility and stability.

    All of the data derived from the Initial and Discovery Screens is used in SolubleBioScience’ proprietary in-silico formulation modeling program.

    A specifically designed artificial neural network (ANN) enables the evaluation and allows the program to model combinations of over four thousand formulation experiments and rank the top solutions in an order that will yield the greatest likelihood of improved solubility and stability. Clients receive a report with a list of the top optimal formulations.

    This type of Comprehensive evaluation is far too time consuming to be done manually in the lab without costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time. Our evaluation can be completed in under two weeks and clients receive a detailed report at the end of each screen.