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    Formulation Services

    Our technology provides researchers with results indicating the top formulations that reduce aggregation and improve the solubility behavior and physical stability of pharmaceutical formulations.

    Achieve Faster Results than traditional methods – Saving Time and Development Costs!

    We provide multi levels of screens based on our client projects.

    • Early Assessment Screens – quick assessment of both solubility and/or stability on proteins utilizing our kits at Soluble and sending results to you in easy to translate reports. Results provide in less than two weeks!
    • Single Additive Solubility Screen: provides clients with a list of the nine most promising additives from a set of over 40 different FDA approved additives that can increase the solubility and stability of a protein formulation. Results can be provided in less than 6 weeks!
    • Comprehensive Formulation Screen: provides clients with the top formulations that minimize protein aggregation and viscosity and maximizes solubility and physical stability of pharmaceutical formulations. All of the data derived is inserted into SolubleBioScience proprietary solution predictive algorithm. The compilation of all of the data enables the determination of up to five solutions with the greatest likelihood of success. Comprehensive Results provided in less than three months!
    • We also offer short term stability studies on final formulations for clients and a host of biophysical characterization services such as Dynamic Light Scattering, and Differential Scanning Calorimetry.

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