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    Our HSCTM instrument provides a high throughput method to optimize protein solubility and physical stability of formulations.

    The instrument combines a low volume, high throughput automated screening platform and in-silico formulation modeling program allowing scientist to perform a combination of over four thousand formulation experiments in as little as 10-12 weeks using minimal amounts of protein.

    This instrument can be a game changer for your discovery and formulation development lab saving time and money over traditional methods used to evaluate protein-protein interactions in formulations.

    • Supports protein based therapeutic pipelines and vaccine developers need to reach maximum solubility and physical stability with minimum protein aggregation
    • Supports researchers needing solubility and stability improvements during protein purification to improve recovery and yields
    • Can provide crystallographers with a rapid screen of solutions designed to improve success rates for producing diffraction quality crystals
    • Effectively screen the effects of different detergents in formulations
    • Quantitatively measures molecular interactions in solutions

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