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    Protein Solubility and Stability Kits

    We have multiple kits available for purchase for customers needing an immediate guide for increasing solubility and stability of their protein:  Order on-line and kits ship by the next day!

    • OptiSol Protein Solubility Screening Kit
    • OpitResc Protein Aggregate Solubilization Kit
    • OptiTherm Protein Thermal Stability Kit

    Our Solubility and Stability Kits Are Perfect if you need to:

    • Quickly evaluate the aggregation behavior of your protein
    • Screen different buffers to support protein stability at high concentrations
    • Keep an antigen soluble while removing certain components from the buffer
    • Find optimal conditions for stability of proteins following purification
    • Quickly optimize purification conditions

    Our Solubility and Stability kits can help if you are dealing with:

    • Undesired Antibody or protein aggregation
    • Reversible precipitation of proteins during elution off a purification column
    • Insoluble protein at neutral pH

    Who uses Our kits?