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    SolubleBioScience, Inc.

    Since 2008, SolubleBioScience has been solving solubility and stability problems for industry.

    We provide support for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with

    • Services for the optimization of protein formulations
    • Product kits to provide early solution assessments of solubility and stability parameters
    • Instrumentation available for purchase for clients that desire to bring HSC technology in- house

    Many proteins are not very soluble or stable, especially at the high concentrations often needed for research, therapeutics, vaccines, scientific reagents, and industrial enzymes. Keeping proteins soluble and stable, until they are ready to be used, is a difficult challenge faced by manufacturers and researchers on a regular basis. Proteins often display unwanted aggregation during purification and formulation optimization, and this can lead to changes in protein activity and a higher immunogenicity risk potential that formulation teams must address early in the process.

    SolubleBioScience provides results that will promote solubility and stability of protein based formulations in less time and at less cost than traditional methods.

    Our technology is designed to be used by individuals looking to identify complete formulations that are highly optimized for a specific use and tailored to their protein

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