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    Soluble Therapeutics cuts costs and speeds protein research with the HSC™ Technology

    Soluble Therapeutics cuts costs and speeds protein research with the HSC™ Technology

    by John McCarter, MS

    Birmingham, AL – 30 June 2010 – Soluble Therapeutics, LLC officially launches its commercial operations. The Birmingham-based Soluble Therapeutics is the manufacturer and service provider of a new technology for the rapid formulation of protein based drugs. The HSC™ Technology enables researchers to formulate protein-based products using a small amount of their target quickly and relatively inexpensively. The HSC™ Technology will make protein-based drugs, vaccines, and research tools more readily available and available to consumers years sooner than originally projected.

    “This is a paradigm-shifting technology that will allow protein-based therapeutics, vaccines, and drugs to hit the market faster,” said Dr. Joseph N. Garner, CEO of Soluble Therapeutics. “We hope that this technology will speed up the development of a part of the pharmaceutical industry that is currently in its infancy. Soluble Therapeutics can help pharmaceutical companies get protein-based treatments to patients years sooner than has ever been possible.”

    Soluble Therapeutics’ first product, the HSC Instrument, saves money and speeds protein research by combining high-throughput screening with powerful analysis software in a compact, bench-top unit. Each HSC™ Instrument can speed the development of drug formulations by as much as twelve times faster than existing technologies. The result is a powerful research tool for the protein-based therapeutics, vaccine, and drug industry. This technology is currently available to clients for contract research engagements.

    About the HSC™ Technology

    The HSC™ Technology is a combination of high-throughput protein screening instrument and an artificial neural network. Currently, the technology is available on a contract research basis from Soluble Therapeutics as three screening options: Initial, Discovery and Formulation Screens. During the Initial Screen, the HSC™ Instrument is used to determine certain characteristics of your protein in combination with 40 different additives in 80 conditions. The Discovery Screen then expands upon the conditions of the 9 most promising additives identified from the Initial screen. The data derived from the Initial and Discovery Screens combined with data derived from calorimetry assays are analyzed by an artificial neural network as part of the Formulation Screen.

    This entire process does the work of over 12,000 formulation assays in approximately one month. Web-based subscription access to the artificial neural network and HSC™ Machines for license or sale are included in Soluble Therapeutics’ versatile pipeline.

    Soluble Therapeutics was founded in 2008 to commercialize the HSC™ Technology. The company’s products enhance the discovery process by rapidly optimizing protein solubility and stability. Soluble Therapeutics brings transformational technology to the world of protein-based pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and therapeutics.

    Led by CEO Dr. Joseph N. Garner, Soluble Therapeutics management team consists of science industry professionals bringing over 60 years combined experience from organizations such as NASA, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Mississippi State University. Operating out of Birmingham, Alabama, Soluble Therapeutics is the first to introduce protein formulation solutions that deliver the price and performance advantages of the HSC™ Technology. For additional information visit –